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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Pakenham!

We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Deep Creek Reserve Facility
62 Cameron Way
Pakenham, VIC 3810
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Well hello everyone and lets hope you are all doing the best you can during these truly unfortunate times.
So just to make sure everyone is across the situation ALL activities connected to the Rotary Club of Pakenham have been suspended until further notice.
So this means that there are no weekly meetings, no Community Dances, no Deb Balls, no Coffee cake and Balls or any other Club activity until the restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted.
We will attempt to put out an edition of the Scribe every week or so, but it will depend on if we have any information to share with you all.  Therefore please send any information, news or gossip that may be of interest to our members to scribe.pak.rotary@gmail.com and we will try and use everything we are provided. 
Next week we will have an article provide by Ken Rook and anything else that is submitted, so do not be shy and submit something that will be of interest to our members.
So to Everyone out there please STAY SAFE, STAY WELL and KEEP IN TOUCH...................
To all our members and friends just a little bit of information as to what your Board has been up to whilst we all suffer this Covid-19 situation.
So the Board realizing that even though the club activities have been suspended that things needed to move forward in preparation for when we are allowed to recommence club activities set about try to get set up to do Board meetings via video conferencing.
So we have had one attempt so far and to say that it was not a total success would be an understatement.  Of the 8 Board members we have, only three actually got fully connected via the video conferencing with one member getting video but not voice and then one who connected after it all was basically over....  There will be further attempts to try and get everyone on. 
It is our plan to conduct Board meetings via Google Hangout as soon as we can get everyone connected and thus ensure the club is ready to reconvene as soon as we are allowed.
Assuming that we can get everyone of our Board Members properly connected, or at least the majority of them then we will consider doing a Video Conference for all interested members probably every three or four weeks just to catch up.  So let us know if you would be interested in having a club meeting via video conferencing, obviously there would be no real agenda other than everyone getting the chance to say Hi and see some familiar faces.
If you are interested you will need to have access to Google Hangouts which is a free app available once you have a google account which is also free.  So get yourself set up on Google Hangouts and if you want to test it you can always contact our President Elect to have a trial run.........
OK, so we are all aware of the fact that the District 9820 Conference was cancelled due to Covid-19 but those crazy bike riders went ahead and did a ride to conference which should have been titled the Ride to NO Conference......  So here is a report on the ride provided by Helen van Diemen and photos are courtesy of Alwyn Williams.  So thanks ladies for what you have provided and it just shows that obviously the men do not do much at all.
Ride to No Conference Report 2020
It does seem quite amazing now that we did get to go on the Rotary Bike Ride in Bendigo from Monday 16th – Friday 20th March. All members of the group had been alerted that the Rotary District 9820 Conference in the refurbished Jail House would be cancelled so there was no need for an extra bag of conference attire. But the Bike Ride could still proceed.
Peter and I arrived at the Ascot Big 4 Caravan and Camping Ground in the afternoon on Sunday 15th March. We found we had been allotted a Pool Villa and felt very well looked after indeed!
Afternoon Tea was served by our wonderful support team of Alwyn and Kate around 4.00pm when a short introductory meeting took place. Lots of reunions from Rotarians and friends, some who we had not seen for years, returning to do the ride once more. The participants on the Bike Ride from Rotary and Inner Wheel in Pakenham included Alwyn & Terry Williams, Joy & Rudy de Jong and Helen & Peter van Diemen.
Dinner was a delicious barbeque at the camping ground with the Bike Ride Committee coming to the fore. Lots of discussion and a few serious comments before we were all tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour.
It was decided that all bike riders and support crew would meet at the front gate at 7.45am to be ready to ride away at 8.00am. This all happened very smoothly with names being registered and a short Briefing of the ride from Road Boss Barry, who always managed to provide at least one joke!!
So, on Monday morning we set off for Goornong 25kms away for Morning Tea, followed closely by a school visit at the Axedale Primary School. This is a small country school and all the staff and students seemed to enjoy spending part of their play time with us, finding out what on earth we were doing so far from home. The Life Education program visits this school and they all remembered Harold the Giraffe. Next, we set off to ride to Lake Eppalock, a beautiful scenic park to enjoy lunch. After lunch back to the Big 4 around 2.30pm after riding 87.7kms, the hills were not too steep, and the maximum temperature was 27. Some bike riders enjoyed a recovery session in the swimming pool which was quite refreshing with lots of stretching exercises too. Dinner was at the Botanical Hotel walking distance away, for those who hadn’t been riding a bike perhaps!!
Day 2 was Tuesday 17th March and we set off at 8.00am along a safe bike path that led out of Bendigo in a westerly direction through Eaglehawk. We kept riding all the way to Bridgewater 44kms for Morning Tea, there were straight and relatively flat roads through farming country that seemed to go on for ever. The next leg had us riding towards the south with a beautiful spot for lunch at Newbridge, by this stage we had ridden 60kms. This area has been affected by significant floods in 1909 and 2011. During 2011 flood at its highest the flood was said to be 90km long and 50km wide. Many farms and towns were directly hit, flood waters cut roads including the Calder and Lodden Valley Highways. At its peak the water volumes reached 195 gigalitres a day and Melbourne uses 460 gigalitres of water each year. On the way home there was a drink stop at Marong and then after the final ride a huge 105.25kms had been clocked. More swimming in the pool and relaxing too. The dinner spot was the same and several bike riders were seen walking to the Hotel on this day!!
Day 3 Wednesday 18th March saw the group cycling away in an easterly direction with Morning Tea at Lake Eppalock. Lake Eppalock is in the heart of central Victoria’s goldfields, it was built in 1964 to supply water for irrigation, environmental and stock and domestic entitlement holders as far north as Echuca. It has become one of the recreational inland waterways in Victoria and is an ideal location for water skiing, boating and swimming. Next, we rode on to Sutton Grange for lunch after cycling 62 kms. Another beautiful lunch provided by the Support team which included rolls, wraps, every imaginable salad and meat filling, delicious cakes, slices and loads of sliced fruitJ The ride back saw the group stop at Sedgwick for a drink stop and then home again about 3.30pm along a safe bike path through Bendigo ending up in the Botanical gardens. The hills and the head wind made riding today quite difficult, there seemed to be a few less riders too. The total distance was 100kms.
Day 4 in Bendigo was a Total Fire Ban Day, so all the plans had to be cut in half. Instead of a 100km bike ride, it would have to be closer to 50kms. We did ride out earlier at 7.45am heading in a southerly direction to Lockwood for Morning Tea. If the route had not needed to be altered, we would have been in Maldon for lunch.  A reporter from the local newspaper, the Bendigo Advertiser, met us in the park at Lockwood and took photos and a story that was published in the Saturday edition. On the way back, only 11kms from home, poor Peter had to hit the brakes hard and ended up on the bitumen with blood running down his face. Luckily the cut was above his eye and apart from a few grazes and bruises and a big dent to his pride Peter survived. There is always a Doctor on the bike ride who was able to tend to Peter’s eye. Peter would have to hang up his bike for the rest of the ride, missing out on 59kms on the last day.
Lunch was back at the camp on this day with a quiet afternoon ahead. I found time to swim in the pool and do the washing of gear too. The infamous Pizza Night began at 6.30pm in the Dining Room. The Rotary District Governor Adrian Froggatt and wife Wendy, Past District Governor Tim Moore and wife Jane and past bike rider Geoff Double from Berwick attended also. There is always an hilarious Fine session conducted by long serving bike rider John Shandley from Korumburra. John keeps fastidious notes throughout the ride and manages to come up with a fine and/or story about everyone. A great fund-raising exercise too. Then the awards were presented, and it was time to say good night as we still had one day of riding to go.
Day 5 was Friday 20th March, and we were all allowed to sleep in or pack our cars to be out of the Caravan Park early. This meant the ride commenced at 9.00am when we rode to Sedgwick for Morning Tea in the south. This day was perfect for riding as it was cool with no breeze at all. Lunch back at the Caravan Park was a delightful but sad affair as it was soon time to farewell all the friends, both new and old, for another year. The comradery of this event is equalled by few others and is held in high esteem by all.
It is estimated that this ride will receive approximately $40,000.00 from the participants. An amazing effort for such a small group this year.
Helen van Diemen           Member of the Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham
More photos can be seen by clicking on this link     photoalbums/2nd-april-2020  
Tim Mepstead received a letter and some photos from Rosa who was an exchange student we had as part of our club back in 2016/2017.
Below is a copy of the letter and the photos....  So thanks to Tim for sharing......
So the top picture has the caption Last week I spent my holidays with some friends from handball in the mountains.
The middle picture has the caption Me and my brother at my graduation.
And the bottom picture has the caption This photo was made for the article about siblings of people with a handicap.